Expedition III: Applying



This 3rd expedition is the platform for the youth to develop intuitive and creative ways of designing, identifying, and leveraging opportunities within their communities. The practicality of this expedition culminates with the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to propel the youth into Entrepreneurship.”

Although there will be plenty of exercises throughout the previous expeditions, this specific stage is the perfect stage to practically transform the new leaders and information filled learners into actual entrepreneurs. Everything learnt is re-learnt through real-life applications. Entrepreleaders with the most useful and promissory business projects will be given a chance to join the prestigious International Business Exchange with Team Academy University in Amsterdam.

People no longer depend on a single stream of income to support their lifestyle, they are looking for ways to earn second and even third income streams.

But here’s the problem…

It seems like they are spamming and running around in a circle rather than really doing business to earn the extra income.

We believe in this statement: it’s either do business or don’t do it at all – because it will be a waste of time, energy, and effort. In the process of starting a business, many will fail badly because they don’t acquire the knowledge to learn.

Only when one starts learning and applying immediately, will you know what to do and get the result that you want. It’s all about learning by doing and this course will teach how to actually start a business, where to get the right ideas and how to launch it.


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Learning Outcomes

  • The ‘requirement’ to be a business owner
  • The list that you need to complete before launching your ideas
  • The methods to reach the right customers for your business
  • Identify a problem and the opportunity behind
  • Start a business
  • Create Jobs

Course Content

Time: 6 weeks

Curriculum is empty


Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I am the founder of the Consulting firm, Entrepreleaders House, where I daily play the role of start-up consultant. My passion lies in seeing ideas translate into simple, useful, sustainable, and impactful business products capable of uplifting the African continent. It is in that spirit that also launchedthe vocational school Entrepreleaders School a few years ago to help make the tacit knowledge of starting up available to the youth of Africa. In my spare time, I love chilling with my beautiful wife, Lucy, and hiking dangerous mountains when she allows me to.


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Lesson 1: What makes up the mind of an entrepreneur?

Lesson 2: What are the deadly myths to avoid as you start up?

Lesson 3: How do you find the right business idea? The IBM model

Lesson 4: How do you actually launch your own start up?

Lesson 5: How can you take advantage of current and future technology for your start up?

Lesson 6: How do you create a business that does good?

Prepare to launch a crowd funding campaign for your MVP