Expedition II: Growing



The second expedition is tailored to help the youth grow into team players and team leaders capable of bringing together a diversity of people to take them on a unique journey. A together journey is always bigger, safer, and much more fun than a lonely journey.

This expedition also invites the newly developed leaders to associate with the right team members in order to start a company off the ground. This second and middle level is the one that directly deals with the practicality of working in and developing teams. It teaches about the importance of learning to manage the diversities of a globalized economy.

At the core of a great start-up is a person who can lead themselves and bring people together. This expedition is an uncommon course for new and aspiring leaders who want to learn and develop their leadership skills required to bring a team around an idea, a vision.

All great leaders, either current or past, have shown great leadership of themselves first, it is only through leading yourself to a point of authenticity that you can truly then lead others.

“Leadership is not about men in suits. It is a way of life for those who know who they are and are willing to be their best to create a life they want to live” – Kathleen Schafer

This Leadership and Development course focus on making you a true leader of yourself, developing the skills that ensure you know who you are and how you lead your own thoughts, communication, and emotions in any situation.  It equally teaches you how to build a robust team around your idea and how to delegate to the right people.

Challenge the norm and implement forward-thinking management styles to lead your team more effectively to the success of your start-up.


At the end of this first Expedition, you will get a certificate based on your character improvement and completion of the different exercises provided in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Take direct responsibility for your own Leadership and Development
  • Discover the core skills for Leadership and Development of yourself and others
  • Uncover the core, key communications skills both with yourself and others to make you a successful leader
  • Find out why we, as human beings, do what we do and how that can influence you in Leadership
  • Leverage other people’s skills and resources to get your start-up moving

Course Content

Time: 6 weeks

Curriculum is empty


Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I am the founder of the Consulting firm, Entrepreleaders House, where I daily play the role of start-up consultant. My passion lies in seeing ideas translate into simple, useful, sustainable, and impactful business products capable of uplifting the African continent. It is in that spirit that also launchedthe vocational school Entrepreleaders School a few years ago to help make the tacit knowledge of starting up available to the youth of Africa. In my spare time, I love chilling with my beautiful wife, Lucy, and hiking dangerous mountains when she allows me to.


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Lesson 1: What is servant leadership and how can it work for you?

Lesson 2: How do you learn how to delegate in your start-up?

Lesson 3: How can you become a courageous leader for yourself and your team?

Lesson 4: How can you become a leader of influence?

Lesson 5: What are the challenges women face in business?

Lesson 6: How do you build a vision for your start-up and your team?