Expedition I: Becoming



“This first expedition focuses on helping the youth acquire the soft skills and attitude required to start up anything. Once you become who you need to be, it becomes simpler to do what you need to do.”

The learner in this expedition will learn to shift their mindset from an outward focus to an internal focus in order to excavate and develop the attitude that makes great leaders. It focuses on aspects such as initiative, accountability, emotional intelligence, and all the soft skills that help turn youth into young individuals with great potential of impact in their community and country.

Deep down, most people know that there’s always room for improvement in their social life. All of us are prone to having momentary bouts of character flaw, and we all experience those awkward moments when facing challenges or engaging conversationally with others.

Character is who you truly are in critical moments. The real test of your character really shows when things don’t go your way or when you are living at a peak of abundance. Becoming an entrepreneur is also about balances the lows and highs and remaining constant throughout.

This course will help you develop and grow the character required to endure the many failures and marginal wins of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The good news is that it’s anyone can improve on their character and we will be with you every step of the way.


At the end of this first Expedition, you will get a certificate based on your character improvement and completion of the different exercises provided in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Confidence & Self Esteem.
  • Eliminate Social Anxiety of Failure. Accept Failure as Part of Job.
  • Break Down The Mental Barriers of What is Possible and What isn’t.
  • Achieve Social Confidence Without Losing Yourself In The Process.
  • Become Aware of your Emotions and take Control of them.
  • Eliminate Approval Seeking Behaviour.

Course Content

Time: 6 weeks

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Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I am the founder of the Consulting firm, Entrepreleaders House, where I daily play the role of start-up consultant. My passion lies in seeing ideas translate into simple, useful, sustainable, and impactful business products capable of uplifting the African continent. It is in that spirit that also launchedthe vocational school Entrepreleaders School a few years ago to help make the tacit knowledge of starting up available to the youth of Africa. In my spare time, I love chilling with my beautiful wife, Lucy, and hiking dangerous mountains when she allows me to.


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Lesson 1: What does the journey of an actual entrepreleader look like?

Lesson 2: What is the role of identity for a young entrepreleader?

Lesson 3: How does an entrepreleader actually network?

Lesson 4: What are the seeds & roots an entrepreleader needs to aspire to?

Lesson 5: What is emotional intelligence and how can it work for you?

Lesson 6: What is the difference between a poor entrepreleader and a wealthy one?